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There are tons of interesting places that you can visit during your stay in Manipal. Some popular and some not so popular tourist attractions but all worth going. If you have the bikes you don't even need to think before heading out to these places. Some popular places worth visiting are:


The most popular tourist attraction is sitting just 5 hours by train from Manipal. I don't think I need to tell you anything more about Goa. If you are in Manipal you must go there atleast once a semester.The nearest and the best beach is Palolim and you can make a good Saturday trip to this place. The best time to go is reckoned to be between the end of November and late March. It starts to get pretty hot from April onwards and the monsoon generally arrives in June - storms and heavy rain for months.


Kerela border is just 75 kms from Manipal. The 300-year-old Bekal Fort, shaped like a giant key-hole, is one of the largest and best-preserved forts in Kerala. Surrounded by a splendid beach, the historic Bekal Fort offers a superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, where a few centuries ago huge cannons used to be placed. Today, the Bekal Fort and its surroundings - there are backwaters and hill destinations and water sport facilities nearby - is a favourite shooting locale for film-makers. Nearby places like Bekal Fort can be visited by bike. This fort was made by Tipu Sultan and is built right next to the sea. The popular song 'Tu Hi Re' was picturised with this fort being the backdrop. The roads are nice and fort is covered in greens around the monsoon.

Jog Falls

This is India's highest falls and it sits not too far from Manipal. It can be reached by car or bike. Preferable time to visit is during the monsoons as the water flow is restricted by the Dam for the rest of the year. Yet another magnificent place set in the scenic surroundings of the Western Ghats.Jog falls is not meant to be a nice place for jogging(In fact it could be!),but the poor translation of "Joga" in Kannada led to "Jog" in English. Roaring Sharavati river jumps from a height of 875 ft forming a glorious waterfall.While doing so Sharavati is split into 4 different tracks namely "Raja","Rani","Roarer" and "Rocket". The best time to visit these falls are soon after monsoon during August - September. If you visit during June or July you might have to negotiate heavy rains which may not be very pleasant.During summer when the water levels are low one can actually walk down to the bottom of the water fall.But due to poor maintenance and some notorious visitors you might get to see lot of junk stuff at the bottom. Jog falls is the fifth highest waterfall in Asia.This place could be your best getaway from your regular mechanical life.In the recent years on a couple of occasions the falls went dry, indicating constantly over the years rainfall has come down significantly. One can also visit Linganmakki Dam which is located about 6KM's from Jog Falls has a major hydro electric power plant in Karnataka.The height of the dam is 1819 ft above sea level.The dam is constructed across Sharavathi river. Jog falls is about 175KM's from Udupi.Plenty of travel agencies conduct package tours to Jog from Udupi.This would be the best choice as they do complete the visit in day by taking care of your food and transportation needs.


Karkala is a town of historical importance and a famous pilgrim centre for Jains. The famous single stone 42-foot (13 m) statue Gomateshwara (Lord Bahubali) is located about 1 km from the center of the town and an adjoining lake with the diameter of 7 kms. This place is just around 40 Kms from Manipal.The 45-feet tall statue is estimated to weigh 80 tons. Besides its colossal size, the Karkala statue is rendered more striking by its situation on the top of a huge granite rock, 300 feet high, on the verge of a picturesque little lake. This image was erected by a Jain king in 1432, in memory of Bahubali (the first Tirthankara) who renounced the world at his most victorious moment.Just opposite to this image there is a Jain 'Basadi' known as 'Chaturmukha Basadi' which is built of granite. In front of this temple, there is a beautifully carved pillar called Manasthamhha which is nearly 50 feet high. It is the most beautiful and tallest of 11 Manasthambhas. Like Moodabidri, there are 18 temples at Karkala. The monolith of Gomateshwara formed the nucleus around which the Jain Math and Basadis sprang up. They draw 3 streams of devotees, lovers of art and students of history.


Gokarna falls on the way to Goa. Just a few kms off the highway. It is home to a beautiful beach called the 'OM' beach. This beach gets its name from its shape which makes an 'OM' like peripheral. With its narrow streets, traditional houses and temples, the nondescript town of Gokarna has become the favourite haunt of Hindu pilgrims, Sanskrit scholars and beach buffs. Locals believe that Gokarna derives its name from a legend in which Lord Shiva emerged from the ear of a cow. Literally meaning ‘cow’s ear,’ this village is formed by the ear-shaped confluence of two.The Gokarna beach forms the coast of the town while the other four beaches lies towards the south of Gokarna. Kudle and Om are around 6 km from Gokarna town along a muddy hill; they are accessible by rickshaw or foot. Half moon and Paradise are beyond Om beach and are accessible only by foot or boat. Om beach is named because it's shaped like the auspicious ? [Om] symbol. Om beach is the only naturally Om shaped beach. Two other beaches Paradise and Half Moon are smaller and remote beaches.

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is just a beach resort,but if you go a little ahead from the resort on the Highway there is this beautiful stretch of road having sea on one side and backwaters on the other. This stretch measures a few kilometers and is a place worth visiting.The scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea, the calm backwaters of the River Sowparnika, breathtaking nature walks, treks along the scenic coast, clean water for snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming - that about sums up what Turtle Bay is all about! Turtle Bay Beach Resort offers you the luxury of lounging on pristine golden sands, amidst swaying coconut palms. The resort gets its name from the sea turtles that inhabit the beach during the nesting season from October to December every year.


Agumbe is a hill station which can be reached by bikes or cars. The way to this place is a diversion from Parkala (The diversion is just a few kms from DT) . The best part of going to Ugumbe is the ride. Beautiful sceneries will surround you all through the way. This place is around 45 kms from Manipal. Welcome to scenic beauty personified! Yes you must be in Agumbe! Agumbe is one of the highest peaks of the western ghats located about 60KM's from Udupi.Situated at a height of 830 meters from see level, it overlooks the Arabian see.Agumbe is part of Shimoga district which is a neighboring district of Udupi. Plenty of waterfalls can be seen once you enter the forests.Onaki Abbi, Barkana falls, and Jogigundi falls are the more popular ones. Trekking on Nisha Gundi & Barkana falls could be a thrilling experience of lifetime! Agumbe receives the highest rainfall in the Karnataka state.If you enjoy driving then driving to Agumbe could be an exhilarating experience,as you need to negotiate 18 hairpin curves.While driving you can frequently spot Lion Tailed Black Macaque(Monkey).You can stop at some of the peaks between these curves & have a scenic view of western ghats.Only mini buses pass through these hairpin curves as they are pretty narrow. View of sun going down the Arabian see is an experience that you can cherish for lifetime.If you are more adventurous you can try river rafting on Sita river which is located at about 30 minutes drive from Agumbe.


Some 30 kms from Karkala, Kudremukh is again a pleasure ride. There is a Dam that you can visit bu the best thing about the trip is again the ride.Kudremukh literally mean Horse face. It is so called, for its mountain ranges look like the face of a horse. This is the largest reserve of a tropical wet evergreen forest in Karnataka. A hilly region, situated 1894 m above sea level, it overlooks the Arabian Sea. The pristine green forests beckon you to a paradise unspoiled. A holiday here can be truly rewarding. The Kudremukh Iron Ore Company set up the entire township of Kudremukh. Built on lines of American towns this place is worth a visit. Owning to the dense forests sighting animal life can get tedious and worthless at times. But otherwise is rich in fauna Nonetheless the drive through the forest ranges can be intriguing and exhilarating.

Hanging Bridge

This place is just a few kms from Manipal. Not really a tourist destination but a nice place to visit. As the name suggests it is a Hanging Bridge over a small backwater channel.


A good place to hang out and watch a movie at the ADLABS. It is also home to two beaches which can be skipped as you must seen too many beaches at other places mentioned in the list.

Kaup beach

The lighthouse at this place is famous and it is not a very crowded beach. Being just a few kms from Manipal. This is very popular place for the first years at Manipal. The light house is located on the shores of Arabian sea built by British in 1901.This light house has guided thousands of ships for years.Since the light house is constructed on a rock it gives added visibility across the sea. The tower height is 89 ft with three white flashes every 20 seconds & the range is 24 nautical miles. Lighthouse in combination with the picturesque beach, makes this place a favourite holiday outing.It is located about 10Kms from Udupi on southern coast of Karnataka,India

Malpe beach

Even closer than Kaup beach. This is famous for the Saturday night raves and a little beach fun round the corner.

St. Mary's Island

This is a very beautiful island which can be reached from a place very near to Malpe beach. It is a small island and you get around 2 hours to explore it before the ferry takes you back. It is very clean and very beautiful.St. Mary's isles are group of islands accessible by ferry from Malpe. Vascoda Gama appears to have touched the island in 1498 before he reached Calicut. The Islands are just a few scattered projections of rock rising out of the Arabian Sea round about Malpe. The northern most island is about a square mile in area and not more than 250 yards in width. It has a coconut garden, which makes it the shadiest isle of the group and gives it a true south sea color.


Home to a huge Shiva Statue. This place is another 40 kms from Turtle Bay. It can be visited on the way to Gokarna or Goa. The sea is an intrinsic part of the temple at Murudeshwar. The sea on three sides surrounds the temple towering on the small hill called Kanduka Giri. Two life-size elephants in concrete stand guard at the steps leading to the temple. The Murudeshwar temple has a history that dates back to a few centuries. A small temple existed here for generations. A recent attraction is the Lord Shiva idol erected beside the temple. The idol towers 123 feet into the sky and is the tallest Shiva idol in the world. The Western Ghats has always held a special place in the hearts of pleasure seeking nature lovers.


If you are thinking shopping. This place has a very decent imported goods market.

Lakshadweep Islands

For a slightly longer trip, you could visit these popular tourist destinations. You can board a ship or a flight from Cochin, Kerela. You can visit these Islands only with a tour group. Domestic tourists are brought by ship and the night halt of tourists are arranged in such way that they are boarded from the islands before night taking in to account carrying capacity of the islands and shortage of essential items including drinking water. The experiment of day tourism has been found quite successful. International tourists to Bangaram are brought by flight from Kochi to Agatti, the nearest Island to Bangaram which is having an Airport.


About 25 Kms from Sagar town on the way to Jog falls , a adventure place by name Honnemaradu welcomes the adventure loving people. The place is situated on the back waters of Sharavathi river. The place maintained by Adventurers, Bangalore. You can enjoy Kayoking, wind water surfing and all other water sports. On payment of small amount you get accomodation,food and water sport equipments. One important point to be noted before visiting this place is not to carry any Alcohol, Gutka, Non-Veg items. All this items are banned in this place.


Coorg is situated on the Western Ghats of Karnataka in South India. For the adventurous at heart, it is an absolute treat. There are trekking, golfing and angling (Mahaseer too!) options available. Religious trips abound on Hindu and Buddhist circuits. Family getaways can be easily arranged. You can also relax your body and mind with special Ayurvedic massages. Coorg is also as trendy and happening as its close neighbour Bangalore. But the predominant entity here is nature at its best. Coorg is like the dreamland of the philosopher. If you’re the type who likes to mingle with nature, romance in the mountains, feel the tingle of the cool and gentle breeze, watch leaves flutter in dance-like movements and hear sounds of birds fill the air, then Coorg is just the place for you.!